Tour overview

Address: 127, 1st str., Dzoraget village

Situated 160 km north from Yerevan, the Avan Dzoraget hotel is located midway between the capitals of Armenia and Georgia. Tufenkian’s Avan Dzoraget hotel’s exterior design made from basalt stone,  reminds medieval chalet while the interior is decorated with famous Tufenkian carpets , handmade furniture and big letters of beautiful Armenian Alphabet in the lobby. The large courtyard is facing Debet river represents an ideal place for open air events and wedding parties. Key point of attraction in the courtyard is the sculpture of Taurus whose legs and sides are adorned with images from Armenian folktales.

Hotel’s territory consists of 2 buildings, green alley with gazebos and PUR event hall. The main building of Avan Dzoraget Hotel  features lobby bar and lounge zone, swimming pool, billiards and the restaurant. Avan Dzoraget  restaurant serves Western-Armenia cuisine which is based on use of fresh local ingredients, spices and interesting combinations that open meal’s taste from unexpected side.

Avan Dzoraget Hotel ‘s location is suitable for those who are looking for comfortable overnight and fine dining while visiting the nearby monasteries Haghpat, Sanahin and Akhtala as well for those who prefer alienated rest with pool facilities and calm atmosphere.