Dear Friends,

We warmly welcome you to the country of millennial history, unique traditions, luxurious and diverse nature, hospitable people and tastiest organic food. This is Armenia – the Land of Noah. It has now become a destination with an increasing demand among travelers looking for something unique, appealing and captivating.

The country is an open-air museum with its thousands of architectural complexes, diverse museums, natural attractions spread across 11 regions and 22 small and big towns. Each and every region and town offers its own flavor and distinctive features.

During the tour with Tour Advice Armenia in the first country that adopted Christianity, you will have an opportunity to admire the treasures of the country: from powerful monasteries of UNESCO till small side away chapels on top of mountains, from lushly forested regions till greenless high rocks, from hot valleys till uneven mountains.

You will get to know ancient cave towns, fortresses, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries and museums. Experience cross country and mountain biking tours, enjoying the beautiful nature, visiting ancient historical monuments, meet local people, get acquainted with local traditions and lifestyle. Experience thrilling adventure, challenging difficulties and great excitement while winding your way through dense forests, steep slopes, and narrow gorges.

All the sights, the highlands and the meadows, are impressive and exotic worth visiting, indeed. Nevertheless, it is the attitude and hospitality of the nation that ensures lifelong memories for each and every visitor – memories that no words can describe.

To each and every one of our clients, friends, and family, we thank you for your trust, continuous support and appreciation. Future visitors of Armenia are warmly invited to fill up the list of friends and family members of Tour Advice Armenia!!!

General Director
Mr Artak Avetisyan


Who we are

What makes our life more colorful and interesting? Of course, our feelings and emotions that we get from new travels.

The company Tour Advice as a tourism “business project” based on family concept was created to promote you and make your dreams come true.

Tour Advice Armenia was established in February, 2010, in Yerevan. The company is located in the heart of the capital city Yerevan, on Sayat–Nova Avenue.

It’s a united team of young professionals with deep knowledge in different areas of travel and tourism, service, culture, economy and linguistics. Company employees are always ready to help you with any question connected with travelling and leisure. Company managers took part in various workshops, seminars, educational tours and enhanced professional capacities in Japan, Greece, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, China, UAE and other countries of the world.

Tour Advice Armenia is specialized in inbound tourism in Armenia ( and Georgia (, as well as in outbound tourism offering a whole range of services. Whatever the interests, we do our best to please our guests and tourists and assist them to enjoy all the magic and the colors of the world.

Tour Advice Armenia provides a full range of services for the organization of corporate tourism based on universally recognized international standards. The offered services include the latest world-class tourism technologies, with the development of an integrated approach to solving problems for organizing events.

The company’s managers in the shortest time will work out the necessary proposals for you according to your wishes, prompt the necessary documentation and remain in direct contact until the end of your exciting trip.

Tour Advice Armenia is grateful to its guests, individual tourists, partners and corporate clients for the trust and trustful relationships that have developed on the basis of many years of work and cooperation.

In the process of development and improvement, the company today is strengthening its leading position. The company’s rating is growing, about which say not only local companies, but also our partners around the world. But the most important thing is of course our guests, for whom we are ready to work 24 hours a day.

Today, the company has its own private offices and a new transport park.

The company currently provides the following services:

  • Outbound tourism
  • MICE
    • tour of exchange of experience and advanced training
    • tours of interest
    • teambuilding
    • internal corporate conference
    • organization of successful negotiations
    • all kinds of entertainment programs
  • VIP travel Tours to Georgia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Combined tours
    • Armenia – Georgia
    • Armenia – Iran
    • Armenia – Russia
    • Armenia – Turkey
    • Armenia – Western Armenia
  • Adventure tourism
    • Bicycle tours
    • Hiking tours
    • Jeeping
    • Rock Climbing
    • Canoeing
  • Online hotel booking
  • Online booking of air tickets
  • Transport rental
  • Social package for civil servants
  • Consulting

We take care of all our guests from the beginning to the end of the trip, regardless of time and place, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We give priority to the security and trust of our guests, whether at the airport, at the hotel, on excursions or during the event. We are guided by the principle that every visitor is our most important guest. We treat all our guests with gratitude, recognition and special warmth. Tour Advice Armenia adheres to a simple philosophy: to make our mutual communication as pleasant and durable as possible. We believe that the happy guest will share his experience, impressions and positive attitude with others. We review and discuss every simple detail of the trip to help our tourists completely relax and have a great time because only a completely relaxed and contented person can understand the whole magic and philosophy of relaxation.

While traveling with Tour Advice Armenia You will have wonderful impressions for the rest of your life. Our time-tested professional advice will give you emotions for unforgettable impressions and relaxation.

The company is exhibited every year at world-wide tourism fairs all over the world.

Our regular exhibitions: VAKANTIE BEURS Holland, MATKA Nordic Travel Mart Helsinki, Arabian Travel Market Dubai, MITT Moscow, JATA Japan, ITB Berlin, ITB Singapore, ITB China, TourSalon Poland, TravelExpo Hong Kong.

The company is the general representative in Armenia for online booking of tours, hotels and transfers around the world.

10 good reasons why you should choose Tour Advice

  1. Over 9 years of work and thousands of happy tourists served. Recognition and Reliability
  2. Own online booking system. No hidden or variable costs and prices. If options are available, prices will be clearly indicated.
  3. Competitive prices. Directly booking avoid intermediaries.
  4. We can always offer the lowest price due to many years of trusting partnerships, recognition and personal relationships.
  5. Professionals fluently speaking Armenian, English, Russian, German, and Spanish can easily coordinate tours and negotiate.
  6. Company managers as invited guests take part in many international exhibitions, thereby increasing competence, improving skills and discovering new travel destinations.
  7. No compromise on quality. Yes, Tour Advice Armenia can do better and cheaper, but we will not compromise on reducing quality and costs, so we can offer the most competitive prices. Guaranteed best quality of the offered services!
  8. Full range of services in one company, new directions.
  9. Warm relationships of trust, stability and professionalism.
  10. The company Tour Advice is located in the very center of Yerevan with two private offices and its own transport. Company employees are available 24 hours a day.

For many years of work and merits, the company has been awarded so many world awards and diplomas:

Gold Award BID 2015, PARIS, France


Diplomas and recognition from partners from Greece, Italy, Spain, Cruise operators, China, Poland, Japan, Hong Kong, UAE, etc.

Without our warm and trusting guests, we could not achieve our goals and objectives.

We will improve and go in line with world standards of tourism.

Intelligent Travel Advice for Memorable Experience