What are the useful phone numbers in Armenia? How to call to Armenia from other countries?

Useful phone numbers are the following:

Emergency response services are

1. Fire Department – 101

2. Police – 102

3. Ambulance – 103

4. Gas Emergency Service – 104

5. Emergency Situations Crisis Management Center – 911, 101

6. Municipality of Yerevan Hotline – 108

7. Ombudsman (Human Rights Defender) of Armenia Hotline – 118

The country code is 374, while Yerevan’s area code is 10. It’s possible to make calls from central call centres.

For calls within Armenia, dial 0 + city code + local number; for mobile numbers dial the prefix first (this varies according to the mobile phone company used), then the number. Note that the ‘0’ is not dialled when calling from overseas. For international calls, dial 00 first.

How to get to Armenia?

Armenian Airports

​Armenia has two international airports – Zvartnots International Airport, in the capital Yerevan, and Shirak International Airport, in the city of Gyumri.

Getting to Armenia by Airplane

Zvartnots International Airport ​​offers flights to and from more than 50 cities throughout the world, with direct flights to Yerevan, Armenia, by 23 international carriers

Shirak International Airport offers direct flights only to Russia

Getting to Armenia by Train

Another way to travel to Armenia is by a train. This can only be accomplished from Georgia. The trains are in a good condition: clean and secure. The service on the trains is great and most importantly the prices are very reasonable.

​Getting to to Armenia by Car

Traveling to Armenia by a car allows for more freedom on your side. Whether you choose to drive the car yourself or hire a driver, there’s nothing more fun than a road trip. You will have more flexibility than you would have on a train or a bus.

Getting to Armenia by Bus

Many travel companies offer big tour buses from Georgia and Iran. The prices are much more lower compared to renting a car or traveling by a plane. If you’re traveling alone, the road may get lonely, so taking a bus along with other tourists like you may prove to be much more fun. 

​Getting to Armenia by Trekking or Cycling

If you’re experienced in traveling by foot or by bicycle, you’ll be happy to know that there are no obstacles from Iran and Georgia. It won’t take you long to pass the border as there are no special complicated procedures. You’ll be done with the border procedure in around 20 minutes or less.

Getting Armenian Visa

​Citizens of a number of countries can get Armenia tourist visa right at the border, while some others don’t have any need for that. For more information on Visas and Passports proceed here : https://evisa.mfa.am/


Which Time Zone does Armenia belong to?

Armenia Time (AMT) is 4 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Asia. Armenia is in GMT+4 time zone.

What is the best season to travel to Armenia?

Armenia’s climate is distinguished by cold winters and hot, dry summers. Winter months are the coldest, with the northern region enduring fairly common snowfall. June to September are the hottest months, with temperatures getting as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 F). The average temperature ranges from 22 C (77.6 F) to 36 C (96.8 F). The evenings though are cool and refreshing.


Usually, visitors avoid traveling to Armenia in winter months, as the temperatures are quite low. However, if you don’t mind cold and snow, there is potential for a great vacation. Main cities are free of tourists, and you’ll have the sights to yourself. Accommodation is much cheaper as well. For winter sports lovers, January might be the right time to visit Armenia; the ski resort Tsaghkadzor is flush with alpine meadows and is located 1,841 meters (6,040 Ft) above sea level.


Similar to January, February is pretty quiet in the cities. However, for those who enjoy traveling to another country in winter, February is a good month to see snow-covered cities and monasteries. One of the most beautiful places in winter is Khor Virap, which has a magnificent view of the snow-covered Ararat Mountain.


The month of March slowly brings the season of spring to the country. This is the time when nature awakens and cities start to get their first hesitant carpet of green. The temperature is still low, so Armenia’s main attractions are not full of tourists.


April is considered to be the wettest month with heavy showers lasting for a couple of days at a time. Therefore, you might want to avoid traveling during this time. If you are determined, don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat. It should be noted that the weather during April often differs within short distances, due to fluctuations in altitude and other factors.


The beginning of the month of May is characterized with heavy showers, like April. Thus, the best time to visit Armenia is from late May to early June. This time of year, the weather is comfortable before the heat sets in, making it an ideal time to explore the country. Additionally, Yerevan hosts wine days from May 11 to May 15, if you’d like to try local products. Gourmands will enjoy the Dolma Festival in Aragatsotn Province.


As mentioned above, the month of June is the best time to explore the country – rains are unlikely and nature is in full bloom. In addition to visiting Armenia’s must-see destinations, visitors can enjoy various cultural and traditional events, such as the Sheep Shearing Festival held on June 09 or the Bread in the Mountains Festival.


In July, the weather gets hotter with low humidity. It is also the busiest month for Armenia. So if the heat doesn’t bother you, you can come to enjoy the beautiful towns of Armenia, as well as attend some of its festivities. Despite the fact that July is considered the hottest month, the majority of the festivals are held this time of the year, including the Syunik Mulberry Festival, the Vardavar Water Festival, the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival, the Yerevan Color Run, or the Watermelon Festival.


Just like July, the month of August is considered one of the hottest months of the year. However, the country still organizes various events to keep locals and visitors entertained. Lovers of culture and tradition will enjoy the Taraz Festival, a national dress day, while beer lovers can participate in various activities held during the Yerevan Beer Fest at Sevan Lake. Moreover, meat and barbecue fans will enjoy time spent at the Barbecue Festival in Akhtala.


Late September is another amazing time to visit Armenia, as the temperature cools off and the weather is comfortable enough to have a nice tour around the country. Like July, September is a month full of interesting events you can attend, such as the Carpet Festival held in Dilijan on September 8, the Harissa Festival on September 15 in Musaler, the International Balloon Festival in Yerevan from September 15-18, a celebration of the Armenian traditional dessert Gata on September 22 in Khachik, and the Erebuni-Yerevan Festival (the ‘birthday’ of the city) on September 29-30.


October is one of the best times to visit Armenia. Autumn brings beautiful colors to the cities, making the country the most beautiful at this time of the year. Unlike many other months, October here doesn’t bring many celebrations. There are only two festivals to mark in your calendar: the Areni Wine Festival held on October 6 in Areni and the ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival that runs from October 28 through November 3 in Yerevan. Otherwise, plan your itinerary around visiting the countrysides and some of the country’s best landmarks. Bring a light jacket or a pullover, as evenings get a bit chilly.


In November, the temperature drops and the country starts to prepare for winter. There aren’t any festivals planned for this month; however, if you are up for visiting the city when it has fewer tourists, then November is a perfect time to do so. Make sure to pack warm clothes, and wear a comfortable jacket and warm shoes while walking through the city or traveling to remote areas.


Like the rest of the winter months, December is quiet in Armenia, with fewer tourists visiting the country. The temperature on average drops below 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) and walking around Yerevan or elsewhere might not be comfortable. However, mid-December is a bit slow at the ski resort Tsaghkadzor, located 60 km (37.28 miles) from Yerevan, so you may find a few fresh ski slopes all to yourself.

What is the weather like in Armenia?

The climate is mild in winter and hot in summer. The hottest months are July and August.

What is the currency in Armenia?

Armenian national currency is called Armenian dram (AMD). The currency was launched in 1993, after the ruble. Of course, dram is as old as the history of the Armenia; for the first time it was mentioned in 1199 (at that time silver coins were in use). Modern dram is available in coins 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 dram and banknotes 1000, 5000, 10 000 20 000 50 000 or 100 000 drams.

In Armenia, just like in many countries you cannot pay in foreign currencies (according to law it is forbidden and threatened with fines), so you definitely need to change money. You’d better take your national currency. All exchange offices and banks of Armenia take rubles (RUB), dollars (USD), euros (EUR), pounds (GBP), lari (GEL) and etc. Banks are open till 18:00, some exchange offices in large supermarkets are open until midnight, so you won’t have any problem with changing money.

To calculate which currency is more profitable to take with you in Armenia, you can check the exchange rates on the website of the central bank www.cba.am or www.rates.am.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted at all major hotels of the country. In addition, in Yerevan, all supermarkets and large shopping centers, restaurants and cafés accept credit cards. However, clarify it in advance. In the resort cities major hotels accept credit cards as well, anyway you’d better have cash. If you run out of cash, you can easily find ATMs in Yerevan and in the provincial towns. Still, take into account that you will have to pay commissions for cash withdrawal. In order to avoid additional expenditures you’d better take the necessary amount of cash for your trip.


What languages do the Armenians speak?

Armenian is the official language and is spoken as a first language by the majority of its population.

As of today, Russian is still, by far, the best known foreign language among the Armenian population. English is gaining popularity in recent years. French and several other languages have also begun to be studied and used. Kurmanji is the largest minority language of Armenia spoken by the Yazidi minority. Other minority languages recognized by the Armenian government are AssyrianGreek, and Russian.

Do I need a visa? How do I get a visa?

Visa-Free Travel

Nationals of almost all European countries as well as certain Asian and American countries (see the full list below) do not need a visa to enter Armenia. Normally they can stay in Armenia visa-free for up to 180 days in a year. A longer stay is possible for holders of residence permits (check this page for more information on residence permits).

E-Visa (Online) / Visa on Arrival

Nationals of most other countries (see the full list below) can get a visa upon their arrival to Armenia at the airport or at the border with Georgia or Iran. The visa has a maximum validity of 120 days (extendable by another 60 days). It is also possible to get an e-visa by applying online at https://evisa.mfa.am/. A longer stay is possible for holders of residence permits (check this page for more information on residence permits).

Sticker Visa (Embassy-Issued)

Nationals of certain African and Asian countries (see the full list below) generally do not qualify for visa on arrival and cannot get an online visa (e-visa). They must obtain a visa before coming to Armenia at any embassy abroad. Normally an invitation letter from Armenia is required to get a visa. However, the invitation letter requirement is waived for ethnic Armenians and their family members.

What is the maximum amount of foreign currency, allowed to be taken to and out of Armenia?

Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Armenian Dram – AMD) and foreign currencies: no restrictions. Cash in amounts exceeding USD 10,000.- or equivalent must be declared. Exempt from cash import declaration are passengers arriving from the Eurasian Customs Union ( Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Fed.)

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Armenian Dram -AMD) and foreign currencies: no restrictions up to USD 10,000.-or equivalent.
Warning: More than USD 10,000- must be transferred via a bank. Exempt are passengers departing to the Eurasian Customs Union ( Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Fed.)

Where can I get a SIM card?

You can buy a SIM card right at Zvartnots International Airport.

There are three cell phone companies in Armenia offering prepaid data plans for visitors and tourists: Beeline,Viva Cell,Ucom.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel/apartment/house?


The distance from Yerevan Zvartnots Airport to the centre of Yerevan is 12 kilometres. By car, it takes 20 minutes to get to the centre of Yerevan.

Public transport

Unfortunately, there are no public transport possibilities at this airport. Check out our transportation page for other ways to travel from the airport to the city.

Bus services

You can also choose for an airport express bus service at Yerevan Zvartnots Airport. Learn more about your travel options, travel time and where to buy tickets.

Airport Express to Yerevan

Since the summer of 2017, you can travel with the Airport Express (EliteBus) between the airport and the city. This bus takes you in 30 to 40 minutes to Yeritasardakan metro station, on the edge of the city centre close to Freedom Square (Opera House). The most famous square of the capital of Armenia is Republic Square in the centre of Yerevan.

The Airport Express departs every half hour between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. from Yerevan Zvartnots Airport and out of the city. Airport Express operates every hour from and to Yerevan Zvartnots Airport between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.. Airport Express has buses and minibuses

A taxi is the quickest and most comfortable way to get to and from Yerevan Zvartnots Airport. The price for a taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Yerevan is about AMD 6000.-. Book your taxi at Yerevan Zvartnots Airport and discover the comfort of pre-booked taxis.

At Yerevan Zvartnots Airport you can rent a car from car rental companies Sixt and local providers. It is most convenient to find and book a car well in advance. By doing so, you can save money and time at the airport.

Where can I eat?

Armenia’s capital Yerevan boasts a great dining scene, in which you can find plenty of restaurants offering local cuisine in both traditional and modern incarnations. And for those who prefer to have international culinary options, the capital won’t disappoint either. Here are the best eateries for an enjoyable dining experience in Yerevan.

Mer Taghe

In order to try the local dish lahmajun, you have to come here. Lahmajun is like a pizza, with a thin crust and fresh ground meat topped with onions, tomatoes, and parsley. This fast food spot is a popular place for many locals, offering delicious food at affordable prices. In addition to lahmajun, you can order manti, but be prepared that this will not be a typical manti dish in lots of broth. Instead, you will get dumplings in less broth, but with lots of yogurt dressing spiced with sumac.


Dolmama is the number one place to go to try the traditional Armenian staple – dolma, or tolma. Established in 1998, the venue offers its guests authentic dishes from eastern Armenia. The main focus of the restaurant is dolma, a dish made from ground meat mixed with rice and herbs and wrapped in grape leaves. What makes Dolmama’s dish so special is that they have replaced the ground meat with a piece of sirloin and added chili and rosemary. Another of their special dishes to try here is khashlama, a meat stew cooked in sweet wine and crème fraîche instead of water. Make sure to also try their Easter Pilaf, a rice dish with raisins, dried fruit, and nuts.

Malkhas Jazz Club

By far the best place in Yerevan to enjoy jazz music while having dinner or drinks, the Malkhas Jazz Club is a popular and laid-back place that often requires advanced booking. The service, food, and atmosphere are excellent and so is the music. Their food menu includes steaks, pasta, and pork chops, and they also have an excellent cocktail and cigar menu. The restaurant was named after the owner and best jazz pianist in the country, Levon Malkhasyan, who regularly performs here a little after midnight.


As the name suggests, Tapastan is a place where Armenian cuisine meets Spanish tapas and creates somewhat unusual appetizers with the blend of both cultures and traditions. Here, you can try various tapas from the menu full of meat and vegetarian options. However, if you’d like to have a more traditional meal, the Anti Tapas page of their menu features an Armenian noodle dish called arishta, along with tolma, salads, and other dishes prepared with chicken, beef, and pork.

Tumanyan Khinkali

Khinkali, a kind of meat dumpling, is a national dish of Georgia that found its way to the very center of Yerevan. Tumanyan Khinkali offers its patrons a sneak peak of not only Georgian cuisine, but of local and regional cuisine as well. In addition to khinkali, you can the try famous Russian pelmeni, another much smaller dumpling, along with various soups, salads, vegetable dishes, and desserts.

Anoush Restaurant

Anoush restaurant is another place to try authentic Armenian cuisine made from fresh ingredients. With its cozy atmosphere and vintage accessories, the restaurant is a favorite spot for many locals. The dishes are prepared according to old recipes. Come here to try manti, a dumpling dish served with tomato and strained yogurt or nuts and chickpeas, their special dolma, ghapa, or palatial, just to name a few.

Our Village / Mer Gyugh Restaurant

If you’d like to try Armenian dishes made just like home, head to Our Village restaurant. Similar to most of the restaurants mentioned above, this one also offers the main dishes of Armenian cuisine. But to try something else, choose a dish from the ‘Village Cuisine’ section of the menu, offering somewhat different dishes from the rest of the restaurants, including kerusus, chanakh, vanakhash, or garni yarakh.

Pandok Yerevan

The Pandok Yerevan restaurant and tavern is a comfortable and relaxing place that can accommodate up to 30 guests in the main dining room, and smaller groups of four to eight in smaller rooms, all decorated in Armenian style. The cushions and tablecloths are covered in Armenian ornaments, and pictures of Armenia’s most notable sights can be seen all around. ‘Calm’ best describes the atmosphere of this spot, where guests can enjoy the best of Armenian cuisine. A must-try is the homemade apricot and peach vodka.

Is Armenia a safe country?

Are you traveling alone or with your family? Then you might want to consider to travel to Armenia, one of the safest countries on Earth according to the U.S State Department system. Along with beautiful landscapes and historical sites, Armenia offers full sense security for any visitor.

Is shopping in Armenia TAX Free?

Tax free in Armenia has some peculiarities: if a traveler buys something in Yerevan and it’s price is more than 100.000 AMD, than the tax free service can be activated. You just need to ask the cashier whether their shop has a tax free service (you can check on the shop windows also before entering). If yes, than the cashier should give you a specific card, which, when leaving Armenia should be shown on the border or in the airport.